Sorobon Beach Resort Bonaire Photos by @laurenrudickBonaire-1-19

RETREAT yourself!!
I came to Bonaire with a man I barely knew. I met him at a yoga festival less than a week before he agreed to come with me to an island he’d never heard of with a woman he’d spoken to for less than an hour.
I trust my gut.
I have a good intuition for people.
I can tell when someone is inherently kind, safe, helpful.
I was invited to Bonaire by the incredible family that owns and runs Sorobon Beach Resort. They invited me because they felt that this little island that they adored with all of their hearts needed to be shared with the world. “We are on the radar for all of the kite and windsurfers,” they explained, “But no one knows Bonaire as a wellness destination. Just being in the warm water is so healing!”.

Where is Bonaire? Bonaire is a Dutch island and part of the A B C island chain close to Venezuela in the Caribbean. The islands are Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao.

The hospitality and generosity provided by everyone at Sorobon Beach Resort was remarkable. They even encouraged me to come with a friend. So I did… well sort of.
I reached out to dozens of friends and none of them could make it.
So on a whim I asked a stranger.
To my shock, he said yes.
Just 3 days before we left, he agreed to come.
What happened? We had an awesome time. We both came with an open mind and an attitude of “this is going to be a really great and fun trip.” So it was.
We came to share Bonaire with the world, to take photos, to experience this place as a wellness destination.
That’s exactly what it was.

What is there to do in Bonaire? In just one week we packed in so much!

♥ Snorkel and dive some of the most protected coral reefs in the world
♥ Yoga at Sorobon Beach Resort
♥ cliff jump!
♥ Windsurf
♥ Visit the national park and swim endless coastline
♥ Check out the pink salt lakes
♥ Hang out with flamingoes in the wild!
♥ Bask in the sunshine
♥ Wade in the warm warm shallow water in front of Sorobon
♥ Stroll through charming Kralendijk

For both of us it was healing. This trip was definitely an adventure and a learning experience. Excited by our enthusiasm, Sorobon Beach Resort had us enjoy many outings and dates that we could photograph. Their chef Albert especially touched our hearts. He had quit medical school to pursue his passion for food. Cooking for people was truly his dream and we could taste the love in the food. Our “romantic getaway in paradise” featured candlelit dinners over the water, sunset champagne, swimming in a pristine salty bay, visiting pink lakes and watching the moon rise in this magical place.
Together we experienced the kindness and generosity of the people of Sorobon Beach Resort and got to know each other a little.

Attitude is everything.
How you set up your mind and intention is how things play out.
I met a wonderful person in the tropics and will have hilarious memories forever.
Sometimes I’m too serious and I am afraid to let people in to my life who are only stopping by.
Will him and I ever see each other again?
I don’t know.

These photos were staged for the purpose of content creation. The beauty is real, the locations are real, the events are real, but the relationship was very much a hoax.
We got to have a fake honeymoon while getting to know each other and it was super fun!! We both stayed completely open and positive and said yes to the events presented to us.
This trip made me remember that life is fleeting.
It made me remember that all we have is right now.
Share special moments with special people because they never last too long.
Even briefly, let people in and find the good in them.
We are all just flotsam and jetsam in a tide. If you need a dose of wellness and hospitality in your life, head to Sorobon Beach Resort!

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