You have all the answers you need within but sometimes they are hard to interpret. You are not broken. You are not crazy. You are not your sorrows, stresses, emotions or life situations. You are not stuck.

You might need some practical tools to help you move forward toward you best life. A yoga life coach might be the right fit.

Sometimes there isn’t even a crisis or large-scale life change that brings a person to a coach or mentor. It is simply an opportunity to grow and to live to your fullest potential.

Lauren offers mentoring and life coaching sessions as well as business of yoga consultations. To learn more about these different types of services, click here.

Sessions with Lauren are authentic, transparent and packed with useful tools to get you clear on your life’s vision and put you confidently and fearlessly on your road to success and happiness.

This is not therapy, this is a commitment to growth.

If you’re interested in taking the next steps, if you are interested in stepping in to your power, if you are interested in being just a little bit shinier in your life, if you want to dare to play bigger, if you want to go for everything you’ve always dreamed of, please fill out the form below.

It is totally confidential. After reading your response, Lauren will be in touch to let you know if the fit is just right. Then you can set up a date via Skype or FaceTime.

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“Hi Lauren!
I just wanted to write and say how thankful I am to have spoken with you. You really helped me to reaffirm, recenter, and set focus again. You’re a super positive presence and influence, and it means so much to me to have met you.” -Seamus Donahoe


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