AliKaukas-4169Mentoring and coaching are not the same. Mentoring is an opportunity to learn directly, apprentice and have teachings passed on. Coaching comes from the idea that you are fundamentally whole but may need help interpreting your wants and needs.

Mentorship with Lauren can come in many forms: Teacher Training assisting, Skype and FaceTime sessions, yoga retreat assistance. In a mentorship with Lauren, you will agree to a set amount of time, projects to focus on and yoga career goals you would like to reach. Lauren will offer you all of her advice, wisdom and contacts to help you see them to success.

In coaching sessions, Lauren will ask provocative questions to help you clarify your desires and goals. Then she will help you move toward them, whatever they are.

Business of yoga consultations are single sessions in which you can ask any and as many questions that you like and Lauren will answer honestly, candidly and with authority as someone who has been thriving as a leader in the western yoga industry for years.

She draws her advice from over a decade of  experience in the yoga, wellness and travel industries and years of work with therapists, mentors, coaches and healers. She speaks honestly, authentically and from the heart. Lauren promises to listen intuitively, giving you 100% presence to help you move through your process.

If you’re interested in taking the next steps, if you are interested in stepping in to your power, if you are interested in being just a little bit shinier in your life, if you want to dare to play bigger, if you want to go for everything you’ve always dreamed of, please fill out the form below.

It is totally confidential. After reading your response, Lauren will be in touch to let you know if the fit is just right. Then you can set up a date via Skype or FaceTime.

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