LLselects (108 of 121)Recently I moved my home base to a small surf town in Costa Rica. I yearned for a simpler life, a sunnier life. I sought out less stuff and welcomed in more soul. I found my happy place in a small town with 1 dirt road. Even in paradise though, one has obligations and responsibilities. On a resent trip home to visit my family, my passport was stolen in transit. It also happened that the Canadian Embassy was closed for 5 days exactly when it occurred. I felt naked, like a true nomad with no-man’s land. I had called the government offices in Canada who informed me that if I had a police document reporting the theft as well as any government issued photo-ID I could get on a plane. In fact, according to international law it is forbidden to be denied entry into one’s own country. You know all those times your Dad reminds you to bring a photocopy of your passport with you when you travel? As it turns out, that ain’t worth squat.

As I found out upon insisting I be boarded onto the next plane to the true North Strong and free, internationally, it is virtually impossible to travel without a passport no matter how many governmental connections you have in your home country and pieces of ID cards you posess.

To make a long story short, I got loud in the airport. I cried. I got upset. I through a tantrum, insisting I be allowed on to the next plane to Canada. I got stressed. I lost my bearings and my thoughts and before long the police were called and I nearly was taken in to custody for causing a scene. Luckily we were able to call my local member of parliament, the Costa Rican board of tourism and the Canadian embassy to get me out of cuffs.  In any case, I was still stuck without a passport in Costa Rica for 5 days until the Canadian Embassy reopened and reissued me a valid travel document. On reflection, here’s what I’ve learned-

LLselects (55 of 121)1.Keep calm and carry on
I panicked and almost got arrested. When I finally managed to calm myself down, I was able to reassess the situation and talk my way out of international incarceration. In panic mode, no one would listen, I felt helpless. Once calm I could take charge of my words, body language and properly express myself and my needs. Ultimately this lead to the police backing down and my being able to properly take care of what was really necessary: getting a new passport and getting back to Canada.

Being upset gets us nowhere. When we are angry, we flail and scream. Our faces get distorted. Our body language gets grotesquely over exaggerated. In a way, we become a dramatized puppeted version of ourselves. It is impossible to listen and truly hear what a tantrum-tastic person is saying because the show of their limbs and expressions is too distracting. In addition, when we yell at people they do not hear or listen to us, they shut down. There is sound but no content. They extrapolate the worst words. They turn off their compassion and turn on their defenses. No matter how difficult, when life is tough and scary and seemingly hopeless, it is imperative to stay calm.

Just breathe
How do we keep ourselves from panicking? Long slow exhales. This is how I managed to release some anxiety and calm down enough to act intelligently. While the police officers escorted me to a corner of the airport, I took the deepest breath that I could and exhaled as slowly as possible. It started to work. My thought process slowed down, my vision became more clear. Inhale deeply. Exhale slowly. I started to notice my gate and walk more confidently. Deep breath in, long breath out. I stopped crying, lowered the tone of my voice and dealt properly with my situation.

Monitoring and controlling the breath actually reduces cortisol levels- the stress response. In addition it helps get us into a meditative state. Meditation helps increase brain capacity. This in turn will help you make more intelligent decisions. It will help you listen to guts and instincts. Breathing through it will increase rationality and decrease your chances of escalating a situation beyond your control.

LLselects (25 of 121)It’s all good

Once I managed to relax a little I took a moment to further assess my current situation: I had cash on me, a credit card with a high enough limit to sustain me for a while. I had a backpack full of everything I needed, a computer to take care of necessities and a phone to FaceTime loved ones back home. I said to myself, “You’re alive. You’re unharmed. You are okay. It’s all good.”

In the worst situations abroad, this is what we need to remind ourselves. Sure delays might happen. Sure, there might be a ton of bureaucratic BS to face, sure you might not get home in time for that family celebration or work engagement… but you’re not hurt, you’re not harmed, you’re not dying. It’s all good.

So it turns out clichés can ring true. Oh and one more- probably should’ve listened to my mom! She told me to relax, check in to a hotel and wait until there was something that could be sorted out, no need to get worked up.


Lauren Rudick Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Training

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200-hour Yoga Alliance certified Teacher training with Lauren Rudick & friends
in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica
November 15  – December 11, 2015

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October 24-25, 2015
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Yoga retreat in Marrakech Morroco with Lauren Rudick

–May 21-27 2016–  Join Lauren on a week-long journey of yoga, exploration and adventure in decadence and luxury.  Namaste Marrakech!

Immerse yourself in stunning architecture, fabulous foods and self discovery.
$2065USD per person for a shared experience  • $2485USD per person for a solo yogi


Your Retreat includes:

  • Lauren Rudick Yoga retreat Marrakech Morocco YogaDaily Yoga class with Lauren Rudick plus two intensive yoga workshops
  • Your stay at Peacock Pavilions Yoga Retreat Center Marrakech, Morocco
  • All breakfasts
  • 2 lunches at Peacock Pavilions
  • Welcome party and cocktails
  • Welcome dinner
  • Guided tour of Marrakesh and the Medina (arranged by Peacock Pavillions)
  • Day trip to Essouira and Camel riding
  • Spa day at the local Hammam
  • Henna party
  • Farewell dinner with local wine
  • All transfers (arranged by Peacock Pavillions)

Lauren Rudick Yoga retreat Vacation Yoga Morocco Marrakech Yoga retreatNot included:

  • Flight
  • Travel insurance (recommended)
  • Alcohol (other than listed above) and items of a personal nature/souvenirs
  • Gratuities
  • All off site lunches and dinners



Day 1

Arrival in Morocco. You will be picked up at Marrakech airport and brought to your home for the week. Upon your arrival at Peacock Pavilions Yoga Retreat Center, you’ll have a chance to relax and unwind. Once the entire group is assembled, we’ll enjoy a welcome reception with canapes, and cocktails. Cocktail hour will be followed by dinner at our hotel.

Lauren Rudick Yoga retreat Vacation Yoga Morocco Marrakech Yoga retreat Day 2

Start your day with Lauren’s energizing yoga class in Peacock Pavilion’s tented yoga platform. After Savasana, enjoy breakfast in the sun. Once nourished you will be transferred to the Medina for a guided tour of the sights, sounds and tastes of Marrakesh. Get ready to shop in the souks of Morocco! Explore on your own for lunch, or ask our guides for recommendations. After some tea at Winston Churchill’s favorite spot, the group will head back to Peacock Pavillions for a light dinner. Afterward, enjoy a movie in the cool evening air at the outdoor cinema.


souk handstandDay 3

AM yoga to brighten your spirits, followed by breakfast at Peacock Pavilions. After breakfast you will have free time to lounge by the pool, stroll through acres of olive groves that surround, write in your journal and reflect. Lunch at Peacock Pavilions is included. The afternoon will feature an optional yoga workshop with Lauren or more opportunity to bask in the sunshine. The evening will begin with a henna party and cocktails, followed by a ride to town for dinner and belly dancing!


Lauren Rudick Yoga retreat Vacation Yoga Morocco Marrakech Yoga retreatDay 4

The morning routine continues with yoga and a delicious breakfast. After breakfast we’ll head into town to visit Yves Saint Laurent’s garden, Majorelle. Find your own gem for lunch in the Gueliz followed by maybe another stop at the souk to pick up some local memorabilia and test out your bargaining skills once again. Dinner will be on the main square, as a group or on your own.


Day 5

For the early-risers there will be a sunrise yoga class with Lauren followed by an early breakfast. After breakfast you will visit the seaside town of Essouira where we’ll be going camel riding!  After you’ve tamed your beast of burden, enjoy a free day strolling through this charming town. The group will meet for a late-night transfer back to Marrakesh.


Day 6

Time to REALLY unwind. After morning yoga and breakfast, spend some time relaxing in our Moroccan paradise. Enjoy an optional yoga workshop with Lauren followed by a late lunch at Peacock Pavillions. Afterward, cars will be waiting to take you to a local hammam, or spa. Enjoy traditional relaxation and hospitality as you get pampered Moroccan style. After rejuvenating, there will be a farewell dinner complete with local wines in the dining tent at Peacock Pavilions. A time to reflect and share the week’s experiences.


Day 7

Before heading on your way, enjoy some yoga with Lauren and one last breakfast in style. After big hugs and teary goodbyes, transportation will be waiting to send you on the next leg of your journey.




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2165$ per person shared   •   2585$ per person private



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A non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your space in yoga classes. a 50% balance of payment is due 60-days prior to the start date of the retreat. The remaining balance is due 30-days prior to the start date of the yoga retreat. A full refund, minus the deposit fee will be offered for cancellations made more than 60-days prior to the start date of the retreat. Cancellations of less than 45-days advanced notice will be refunded 50% of the retreat price. Refunds will not be offered on cancellations made less than 30-days in advance.


–December 13-19 2015–


Join Lauren for intensive yoga,  pure relaxation and luxury on your Costa Rica yoga retreat.

Price starts at $1250USD for this yoga retreat


Hosted at the stunning Pranamar Yoga Retreat Center in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, this retreat is complete tranquility.

Your retreat includes:

  • Yoga every day with Lauren Rudick (including asana practice, guided meditation, philosophy and dharma talks)
  • Your stay at Pranamar Yoga retreat center
  • 3 meals per day
  • Rainforest Canopy Adventure (on ATVs!)
  • 1 group surf lesson
  • 2 days of bicycle rentals to go exploring

Optional add-ons include bicycle rentals, horseback riding, massage and other spa treatments, fishing excursions, hiking trips.

  • Yoga retreat costa rica Lauren RudickNot included:
    • Flight
    • Travel insurance (recommended)
    • Transfers to Pranamar and Santa Teresa (although we can help you arrange this)
    • Alcohol and items of a personal nature/souvenirs
    • Gratuities
    • possible overnight in San Jose before or after the retreat

About Santa Teresa:
Located on the Nicoya Peninsula, Santa Theresa is a surfer’s and beach seeker’s paradise. Endless miles of coastline for walking and some world-class surfing to catch the waves. With the jungle bordering the beach, hiking is certainly an option for the more intrepid yogi.

This place is a paradise located on an almost completely private beach.  Santa Teresa is a relaxed and quaint town. Safe, easy to get around and traveler friendly.


There are several ways to get to Santa Teresa. Flying in to San Jose is easiest. From San Jose, getting to Santa Teresa is simple: either take the local bus ($15 from San Carlo Bus station, leaving at 6am and 2pm daily) which includes a stunning ferry ride to the Nicoya Peninsula, or fly Natureair or Sansa Airlines to Tambor (30-minute flight $50-$150) and we’ll have a taxi waiting to transfer you to Pranamar.  Lauren will assist you to ensure that your journey to Pranamar is as easy as possible and hassle free. We can also help arrange your transportation from Liberia if necessary. Please note that if your flight arrives in or leaves out of San Jose after 2pm before or after the retreat, you will need to stay overnight in San Jose.

About Pranamar Yoga Retreat Center:

Pranamar Ocean Front Yoga Retreat Center is an intimate, consciously designed oceanfront hotel recently on a spectacular and quiet beach. Pranamar offers guests tropical beauty and nature in an exotic and friendly ambiance. Immerse yourself in the beauty and ease into nature’s rhythm as you take a journey into your body, mind and soul on Lauren Rudick’s Costa Rica yoga retreat.

how  yogis ziplinePranamar’s luxurious two-story villas are built around a free-form saltwater pool. They each have private lounging areas, are surrounded by tropical gardens and boast spectacular views.  The ecologically-constructed bungalows offer tropical simplicity with sea breezes, spacious decks and glimpses of the ocean.


Pranamar’s beautifully designed open-air restaurant and tea lounge specializes in healthy, delicious cuisine using organic fruits and vegetables, local fresh fish, seafood and organic meats. All dietary needs can be accommodated including vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and any food allergies.





Where you might sleep:
IMG_0026Kula House – Kula means community in Sanskrit and the Kula house instantly creates a sense of home coming. The upstairs features a large bedroom with 4 beds and private bathroom. Attached is a large terrace with an ocean view perfect for late-night hangouts. The lower level of the Kula house has a queen sized bed, a private bathroom, a small kitchen and living room as well as it’s own separate entrance and large deck. Ideal for a couple.


Garden Bungalow – The garden bungalows feature one bedroom and one bathroom. Enormous ocean-facing decks great for watching sunset and relaxing with the ocean breeze, while a small living space with built-in sofas offer a private lounging area. Garden bungalows can either be shared with two twin beds or have one king sized bed for couples or private sleeps.
Poolside Villa – Each two story villa has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room and plenty of decks and terraces. All poolside villas have personal pool entrance and a garden bathroom with granite stone tub. Poolside villas will have 1 room with a king sized bed and 1 room with two twin beds. Each bedroom has a private bathroom.


Please note that couples can use the shared option in all cases and will have a private stay and bathroom with a king sized bed, provided by Pranamar Yoga Retreat Center.

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A non-refundable deposit of $350 is required to reserve your space in yoga classes. a 50% balance of payment is due 60-days prior to the start date of the retreat. The remaining balance is due 21-days prior to the start date of the retreat. A full refund, minus the deposit fee will be offered for cancellations made more than 60-days prior to the start date of the retreat. Cancellations of less than 60-days advanced notice will be refunded 50% of the retreat price. Refunds will not be offered on cancellations made less than 21-days in advance. Refunds will not be offered on discounted rates.

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