Panama Yoga Retreat Vacation Lauren Rudick

- July 5-11, 2015 –
$1690 $1100! Last-minute special

Ever dreamed of being at sea? Want to explore the Islands of Bocas del Toro Panama onboard a sailboat and practice yoga with Lauren Rudick in a dreamy Caribbean setting? There’s no pirates here! Just yoga, sailing and everything included!

Experience life aboard a catamaran sailboat! This is an All inclusive yoga retreat in Caribbean blue!

The ultimate way to see the most of the the islands of Bocas Del Toro on the yoga retreat dreams are built on.

What’s included:

  • Yoga everyday with Lauren Rudick
  • Intention setting and mindfulness practice
  • Accommodation onboard a sailboat
  • 3 fresh and healthy meals a day including fish and lobster straight from the ocean
  • Tropical fruit
  • All drinks, including beer, rum, wine, tea, juice, and coffee
  • All equipment for sea exploring activities (snorkeling, volleyball, fishing, etc.)
  • Visitor fees to each island

Not Included:

  • Transportation to Bocas del Toro
  • Gratuities

There are many options to get to Bocas! First, fly to PTY Panama City or SJO San Jose, Costa Rica. The fastest way to get your adventure started is an onward flight from Panama City to Bocas del Toro (90 minutes) on Air Panama,, or from San Jose on Nature Air, If you prefer to see more of the country or to save on transportation costs, the bus is a comfy, air-conditioned option. From Panama City, buses leave several times daily: catch a night bus, save the cost of a room, and wake up in Bocas, or a day bus and experience the beautiful scenery of the Panamerican highway. From San Jose, take a bus to the border at Sixaola, CR/Guabito, PA and then on to Bocas. Please arrive to Bocas del Toro before 3pm to board the boat.


This retreat is all inclusive! Everything is included from the moment you step on the boat to the moment you leave.



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May 29-31, 2015
Yogao & Amara Yoga
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May 16, 2015
Hamsa Yoga, Carlton Place
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LLselects (108 of 121)The online yoga world is a jamboree of photos and captions. In-your-face saturated yoga pant patterns juxtapose sunny backdrops. There seems to be a plethora of cool living rooms styled according to the anthropology catalog featuring someone in pinchamayurasana on a coffee table. If I see one more exaggerated hollowback balance coupled with an inspiring quote by someone famous who’s words have become trendy, I might just lose it.

But like so many, I too am caught up in that online world.

Instagram and Facebook are now tools that business savy yogis are using to help grow their brands, spread their message, reach and teach people globally.

Early on I made a commitment to just do me. I stopped trying to be the cool yogi, the rebel yogi, the innovative yogi, the strongest, the bendyest, the meditative-est, the hottest, the anythingest.

I backed down from almost every challenge collaboration request and stopped saying yes to most brands who offered me free swag in exchange for an endorsement. As a result my following hasn’t grown nearly as much as my peers. This saddens me sometimes. Not because I need a volume of likes to validate my existence but because the exposure is key for selling out workshops and retreats, for being a player in this international yoga scene, for earning a living at doing what I love and what I know I have drive and talent in.

LLselects (25 of 121)I worry about teachers who constantly take quotes or copy asana from others. What will they speak of in their classes? What is their style if flow? What are their values if they ally with any brand that will send them a swag bag?

If the practice of yoga is about self inquiry and finding union of body, mind and spirit in the internal and external worlds, then it just doesn’t make sense- at least to me- to share content that isn’t part of that process regardless of how many new eyes might view my accounts or how free the clothing could be. If we are teachers of yoga then we should be sharing the practice as authentically as possible.

So somewhere along the way my words and photos have become a very personal visual diary…

Maybe I share too much… But at least the words are my own.

I feel like people who regularly follow social media accounts develop certain expectations of them. Instagrammers love consistency of style, in photos, captions, feelings. YouTubers grow accustomed to the video and editing genres of their favorite accounts. We humans love routine. We like knowing in advance what we’re getting so we can curb our enthusiasm or feelings appropriately before hand. The things is that life isn’t always consistent. The only constant is change, ebbs and flows, victories and failures, successes and set backs and baby, I share it all.

So I’ve gotten feedback that my photos might not go with my message, or that at times my message is confusing.
I’m confused.

If my message is truth and authenticity, seeking happiness in life- and I share
real photos
my real words
real thoughts
real prayers
real fears
real hopes
real struggles
real anxieties
real joys
real gratitude…

where’s the miscommunication ?

Maybe there’s way too much pressure being put on the person behind the screen – a person who is generally a stranger to the voyeur. I can’t speak for online yogis who share other people’s words or dress in clothes from whatever style they are fedexed but I can speak for myself: I have a voice. I have strong opinions that sometimes change as I evolve. I don’t feel that I have a responsibility to show only the best-ofs, the cutest crop tops, the flashiest yoga asana or exclusively ultra fabulous living. There’s nothing to read into or interpret here.

It’s just life
What I share is a truth according to the perceptions of one person.
This being seeks to find balance and union between mind, body and soul.
There’s a commitment to spirit.
Physical movements are practiced to find better health.
An effort is made to keep a clean and pure body and home.
I try to quiet the mind.
I practice self inquiry.

I don’t need confirmation from clothing companies or stranger’s commentary with the namaste emoji to tell me that I am a yogi. But I do need attendance in my classes to make this all work.

I don’t need captions from mark twain or the Buddha to know that I am delving deeper into the soul. I hope after reading this, you won’t either.

I know I practice yoga. Everyday. Even when it’s not in the Asana.

I hope I can encourage others to do so too.  But at the moment, I need a break from social media. I’m breaking.
It’s all too much. I can’t keep up with the colors, the glitz, the showiness of it all. So much of it just isn’t real. These are images constructed specifically to create a lifestyle or brand picture chosen by the account holders, hoping it’s followers will buy in.

I’m taking a hiatus. Maybe a month, maybe a day… I don’t know. But I need to stop being so tied to a screen and voyeurism. It just isn’t me and I know it’s not a totally realistic picture of those on the screen either. Social media is contrived, it’s a brand, it is a presentation of how we want the world to see us.

I need to have my feet in reality for a little while. I need to get back to the roots of why I got into all of this in the first place.

Drop the facade.
Find stillness.
Find solace.
Do yoga… Do you.


–December 13-19 2015–


Join Lauren for intensive yoga,  pure relaxation and luxury on your Costa Rica yoga retreat.

Starting at $1250 for shared room.


Hosted at the stunning Pranamar Villas in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, this retreat is complete tranquility.

Your retreat includes:

  • Yoga every day with Lauren Rudick (including asana practice, guided meditation, philosophy and dharma talks)
  • 6 nights luxury beachfront accommodation at Pranamar Villas
  • 3 meals per day
  • Rainforest Canopy Adventure (on ATVs!)
  • 1 group surf lesson
  • 2 days of bicycle rentals to go exploring

Optional add-ons include bicycle rentals, horseback riding, massage and other spa treatments, fishing excursions, hiking trips.

  • Yoga retreat costa rica Lauren RudickNot included:
    • Flight
    • Travel insurance (recommended)
    • Transfers to Pranamar and Santa Teresa (although we can help you arrange this)
    • Alcohol and items of a personal nature/souvenirs
    • Gratuities
    • possible overnight in San Jose before or after the retreat

About Santa Teresa:
Located on the Nicoya Peninsula, Santa Theresa is a surfer’s and beach seeker’s paradise. Endless miles of coastline for walking and some world-class surfing to catch the waves. With the jungle bordering the beach, hiking is certainly an option for the more intrepid yogi.

This place is a paradise located on an almost completely private beach.  Santa Teresa is a relaxed and quaint town. Safe, easy to get around and traveler friendly.


There are several ways to get to Santa Teresa. Flying in to San Jose is easiest. From San Jose, getting to Santa Teresa is simple: either take the local bus ($15 from San Carlo Bus station, leaving at 6am and 2pm daily) which includes a stunning ferry ride to the Nicoya Peninsula, or fly Natureair or Sansa Airlines to Tambor (30-minute flight $50-$150) and we’ll have a taxi waiting to transfer you to Pranamar.  Lauren will assist you to ensure that your journey to Pranamar is as easy as possible and hassle free. We can also help arrange your transportation from Liberia if necessary. Please note that if your flight arrives in or leaves out of San Jose after 2pm before or after the retreat, you will need to stay overnight in San Jose.

About Pranamar Villas:

Pranamar Ocean Front Villas is an intimate, consciously designed oceanfront hotel recently on a spectacular and quiet beach. Pranamar offers guests tropical beauty and nature in an exotic and friendly ambiance. Immerse yourself in the beauty and ease into nature’s rhythm as you take a journey into your body, mind and soul on Lauren Rudick’s Costa Rica yoga retreat.

how  yogis ziplinePranamar’s luxurious two-story villas are built around a free-form saltwater pool. They each have private lounging areas, are surrounded by tropical gardens and boast spectacular views.  The ecologically-constructed bungalows offer tropical simplicity with sea breezes, spacious decks and glimpses of the ocean.

Pranamar’s beautifully designed open-air restaurant and tea lounge specializes in healthy, delicious cuisine using organic fruits and vegetables, local fresh fish, seafood and organic meats. All dietary needs can be accommodated including vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and any food allergies.


Room options:
IMG_0026Kula House – Kula means community in Sanskrit and the Kula house instantly creates a sense of home coming. The upstairs features a large bedroom with 4 beds and private bathroom. Attached is a large terrace with an ocean view perfect for late-night hangouts. The lower level of the Kula house has a queen sized bed, a private bathroom, a small kitchen and living room as well as it’s own separate entrance and large deck. Ideal for a couple.
Kula house shared room: $1250 – one spot left!

Garden Bungalow – The garden bungalows feature one bedroom and one bathroom. Enormous ocean-facing decks great for watching sunset and relaxing with the ocean breeze, while a small living space with built-in sofas offer a private lounging area. Garden bungalows can either be shared with two twin beds or have one king sized bed for couples or private accommodation.
Shared Garden Bungalow: $1685
Private Garden Bungalow: $2195

Poolside Villa – Each two story villa has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room and plenty of decks and terraces. All poolside villas have personal pool entrance and a garden bathroom with granite stone tub. Poolside villas will have 1 room with a king sized bed and 1 room with two twin beds. Each bedroom has a private bathroom.
Poolside villa shared room: $1495
Poolside villa private room: $2065 – 2 spots left!

Please note that couples can use the shared accommodation pricing in all cases and will have a private room and bathroom with a king sized bed, except in the Kula house where there is a queen sized bed.





Click the photos below to see shots form previous retreats at Pranamar Villas!

Payment Options

Want to know what others have said about their experience on Lauren’s Costa Rica Yoga retreat? Click here!

A non-refundable deposit of $350 is required to reserve your space. a 50% balance of payment is due 60-days prior to the start date of the retreat. The remaining balance is due 21-days prior to the start date of the retreat. A full refund, minus the deposit fee will be offered for cancellations made more than 60-days prior to the start date of the retreat. Cancellations of less than 60-days advanced notice will be refunded 50% of the retreat price. Refunds will not be offered on cancellations made less than 21-days in advance. Refunds will not be offered on discounted rates.

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