Traveling can take a real toll on the body. Sometimes arriving exhausted but needing to wring out the body it’s hard to find the right stretches or sequencing that feels good, but not too tiring.  Here’s a 15-minute yoga practice meant to help you unwind, stretch out and relax after a long day of travel. This slow flow is juicy and suitable for all levels.

Filmed at the stunning Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge in Costa Rica

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Never tried yoga before? Not sure where to begin? Start here!
This is a basic sun salutation. Try 5-10 each morning to increase strength and flexibility!

Lauren Rudick Yoga
I often get asked, “What kind of yoga mat do you use” or “What’s the best yoga mat?”
Well mostly, it’s a matter of preference. But here’s some that I’ve tried and my thoughts about them.

1. Lululemon The Mat $68

The Mat I used this one for years, happily!
What to like:

  • It’s like carrying around your own floor. As I got into more advanced arm balances and inversions I felt I needed a denser mat to better support my wrists.
  • Great for hot yoga, no towel needed. As the mat gets wetter it gets stickier!
  • Reversible – use on either side for a choice of which texture you prefer


  • The Mat is super heavy to carry around. Weighing about 6lbs this thing is a bit of a monster for the yogi traveler
  • If you’re hands and feet are perpetually dry (i.e. not clammy) this mat gets slippy. It is meant to be sweat on
  • Mat cleaners and sprays will clog the mat and take away from it’s stickiness so best to be cleaned with just hot water. What’s the downfall? Your mat doesn’t get to smell like peppermint and lavender.


2. Gaiam Sticky Mat $21-$29

What to Like:

  • This is a great beginner mat! It has the perfect amount of cushion and stickiness.
  • Inexpensive if you’re new to yoga or not sure how long you’ll commit, this mat isn’t a big load on the wallet
  • Comes in an array of pretty colors and patterns


  • There aren’t too many down sides to this mat, other than sometimes the cushion can strain the wrists or ankles once the practice gets more advanced.
  • These mats degrade after a while of using them, especially when used outside


3. Manduka Prolite $88

I just bought this mat and for me, it is the ultimate!
What to like:

  • Like lulu’s mat, the manduka is like carrying around a floor but weighs only 4lbs
  • For dry handers, this mat has a great grippy texture
  • Solid and supportive
  • For big guys, these mats come in size L too!
  • This is a mat for life, Mandukas are known for their longevity. This mat will probably last for the rest of your life, and that of your grandchildren


  • This mat is expensive. It is for the long haul. It is a commitment.
  • For the super sweaters or hot yogis, you might need a towel over top to prevent slippage


4. Hugger Mugger Travel Mat $19.95

The best travel mat ever.
What to like:

  • Super small
  • lightweight (although not as light as Manduka or lululemon’s travel mat but more substantial than the former)
  • Super sticky and non-slippy!
  • Awesome price!


  • Color options are limited
  • This mat isn’t great for an every day practice, unless you’re frequently on the move and can always lay it over a carpet or softer floor. If you’re bringing it to the studio as a regular mat, it could be hard on the knees and wrists since it is so thin
Other mat’s I’ve tried are:
  • Jade – I don’t know why, I’m just not a fan. I don’t like the texture and they feel floppy and heavy to me. Jade mats are quite expensive, but on the positive end, they support rainforest preservation. Ecologically speaking, Jade is a great company with solid conscious practices.
  • Prana – Great for it’s lightweight but I find that these mats get quite slippery. Also the double layer of the two-tone mats cause my feet to slip around when I try to root, and the knees to compensate for that
  • Nike’s Yoga mat- Worst mat ever. Slippery, not made for a regular yoga practitioner. Upsides? It’s stylish, great colors, light to carry and has the swooooosh (if you’re into that sort of thing)
I hope these mat reviews are helpful for you! Please add your own in the comments below ! What mats have you tried? What do you like?

July 14, 2014
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