Lauren teaches regularly in Montreal at

Midtown Sanctuaire
Tuesdays 5:30pm – Vinyasa Flow
Thursdays 12:15pm – Gentle Yoga
Sundays 12pm – Advanced Hatha Flow

Studio Breathe
Thursdays 7pm – Hot Vinyasa Flow

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Here’s where Lauren is teaching Yoga this month:

Yoga retreat in Marrakech Morroco with Lauren Rudick

–April 27-May 3, 2014–  Join Lauren on a week-long journey of yoga, exploration and adventure in Marrakech, Morocco

Immerse yourself in luxury, stunning architecture, fabulous foods and self discovery.
1765$ per person double occupancy • 2185$ per person single occupancy


Your Retreat includes:

  • 6 nights luxury accommodation at Peacock Pavilions
  • All breakfasts
  • 2 lunches at Peacock Pavilions
  • Welcome party and cocktails
  • Welcome dinner
  • Guided tour of Marrakesh and the Medina
  • Day trip to the sea and Camel riding
  • Spa day at the local Hammam
  • Henna party
  • Belly dancing show
  • Daily yoga classes with Lauren Rudick plus two intensive yoga workshops
  • Farewell dinner and local wine tasting
  • All transfers

Not included:

  • Flight
  • Travel insurance (recommended)
  • Alcohol (other than listed above) and items of a personal nature/souvenirs
  • Some dinners and lunches



Day 1

Arrival in Morocco. We’ll pick you up at the airport and transfer you to our luxury home for the week. Upon your arrival at the beautiful Peacock Pavilions, you’ll have a chance to relax and unwind and enjoy an optional yoga stretch with Lauren. Once the entire group is assembled, we’ll enjoy a welcome reception with canapes, and wine. Cocktail hour will be followed by dinner at our hotel.

Day 2

Start your day with Lauren’s energizing yoga class in Peacock Pavilion’s tented yoga platform. After Savasana, enjoy breakfast in the sun. Once nourished you will be transferred to the Medina for a guided tour of the sights, sounds and tastes of Marrakesh. Get ready to shop in the souks of Morocco! Explore on your own for lunch, or ask our guides for recommendations. The group will meet in the main square for dinner in town. After dinner you can enjoy a movie in the cool evening air at the outdoor cinema.


Day 3

AM yoga to brighten your spirits, followed by breakfast at Peacock Pavilions. After breakfast you will have free time to lounge by the pool, stroll through acres of olive groves that surround, or just laze around. Lunch at Peacock Pavilions is included. The afternoon will feature an optional yoga workshop with Lauren or more opportunity to bask in the sunshine. The evening will begin with a henna party and cocktails, followed by a ride to town for dinner and belly dancing!


Day 4

The morning routine continues with yoga and a delicious breakfast. After breakfast you can enjoy some relaxation on the grounds of Peacock Pavilions, or participate in an intensive yoga workshop with Lauren. Lunch on the premise is included. After another delicious meal, you’ll head back to the Medina to visit the Jardin Marjorelle, Jardin Gueliz, or maybe another stop at the souk to pick up some local memorabilia and test out your bargaining skills once again. Dinner will be on the main square, as a group or on your own.


Day 5

For the early-risers there will be a sunrise yoga class with Lauren followed by an early breakfast. After breakfast you will visit the seaside town of Essouria. Explore on your own for lunch then join us on the beach for camel riding! After you’ve tamed your beast of burden, continue strolling through this charming town. Find you’re own gem for dinner or ask us for recommendations. The group will meet for a late-night transfer back to Marrakesh.


Day 6

Time to REALLY unwind. After morning yoga and breakfast, cars will be waiting to take you to a local hammam, or spa. Enjoy traditional relaxation and hospitality as you pamper yourself Moroccan style. After rejuvenating, there will be a farewell dinner complete with wine tasting in the dining tent at Peacock Pavilions. A time to reflect and share the week’s experiences.


Day 7

Before heading on your way, enjoy some yoga with Lauren and one last breakfast in style. After big hugs and teary goodbyes, transportation will be waiting to send you on the next leg of your journey.



A non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your space. a 50% balance of payment is due 45-days prior to the start date of the retreat. The remaining balance is due 21-days prior to the start date of the retreat. A full refund, minus the deposit fee will be offered for cancellations made more than 45-days prior to the start date of the retreat. Cancellations of less than 45-days advanced notice will be refunded 50% of the retreat price. Refunds will not be offered on cancellations made less than 21-days in advance.



I’d like to thank MindBodyGreen for publishing my words… I’ve been single and dating for a while now and these are some lines I’ve heard more than a few times and can definitely do without!


mbg dating2




Lauren Rudick Yoga Nude

pure meditationLife is full of transitions. Recent struggles and setbacks left me in a major funk. I was feeling vulnerable, feeling exposed, feeling low, feeling down and out. I decided to express myself through asana – naked.

I wanted to strip free of all my walls, break the barriers I had put up myself.

I wanted to release the confines of who or what I was trying to be and just be me. I wanted to expose myself to the world. So I took a chance. I put myself out there, my whole self.

I wasn’t trying to be seductive or sexy. I wasn’t thinking about pushing boundaries or bringing shock value to yogic life. I just wanted to bare it all- honestly and flawed.

What happened? It felt so incredibly empowering. I felt strong and beautiful. To my total shock, I received an overwhelmingly positive outpouring of support. Seriously, I expected some haters. But I didn’t care.  Amazingly, there wasn’t a single negative comment or judgmental slur. What I definitely didn’t expect were others to drop trow and share their own nudist revelations.  Within days, other yogis, other bodies, more flesh started appearing in my feed.

Lauren Rudick Yoga nudeI didn’t mean to start a naked yoga revolution.

I just wanted to honestly put myself out in the world. It’s scary being your whole self, especially whilst still in the process of discovering who that is. Suddenly I’m getting emails and comments from people telling me how inspired they are, explaining that they finally felt liberated. One such follower even started hashtagging his photos #nakedyoga and encouraged his followers to do the same…

I don’t have a ton of instagram followers like many of the other internet yogalebrities out there- but I do have an incredible community of loyal supporters. To date, I have only received two negative comments- 2. For that I feel so thankful. I would rather have a few amazing virtual friends in my corner than a million absentee voyeurs.

One family member likened these photos to pornography.  Others feel it is indiscreet, but taking my clothes off on instagram has been one of the best things I’ve done. This isn’t some kind of rebellious disrespectful act . It just feels so honest. Embracing my body when I was struggling with a recent weight gain and sharing triumphs, struggles, vulnerability openly made me feel free and strong.

I get to decide how, where and with whom I share this temple. My body is a sacred vessel that I feel so grateful to have. Even when feeling sore or tired or achy or fat, I am fortunate to be here. This project made me proud of who I am and the journey I am on. I realized that the more truthfully and transparently I express myself, the more approachable I can be to others.

I am not a porn star or a slut. I am also not a virgin or a Madonna. I am just me. I am a soul naked and wandering in this world trying to make sense of it all… The body should be celebrated. All bodies.

We only get one. We should feel at home in it. We should feel beautiful in our own skin. Somehow, taking a risk and sharing nude yoga got me there.

Naked Yoga

The 3-month gap between the Stanley Cup final and pre-season beginnings can leave a puck sized void in the hearts of hockey enthusiasts everywhere. Here’s a little bit of yoga to help you keep up your game during these frozen-pond free months. As well as help you maintain form and function during the season. Throw off your bladed booties and thermal knee-highs and let your toesies wiggle about freely!


Hold each pose for 5-8 breaths. Try all of the standing poses in sequence on one side then move to the other before hitting the floor.

1)High Lunge

This pose will strengthen the groins and stretch out the hip flexors. Lifting the torso off the leg will allow the spine to further elongate. Open your chest and push the shoulders away from the ears. The forward reach of the upper body in this pose mimics the explosive action of skating forward.





 2) Plank


A simple and all around great core strengthener! Actively push the heels back while hugging the thigh muscles to the bones. Keep the breath slow and steady here. Make sure that the neck is a continuation of a long spine by slightly tucking the chin toward the chest.





3) Warrior 2 balance

  Borrowed from Budokon, this beautiful balance is splendid for so many reasons – the forward reach of the torso and extension of the back leg demand that you engage the core and lengthen the spine. Further, with open hips and a leg up, the gluteus medius is engaged, a key muscle in the pushing action of a breakaway skate.





4) Warrior 2

Helps to strengthen the thighs, opens the hips, improves stamina, stretches and strengthens the groins and the adductors. This pose is great for hockey players because it will help you maintain your grounding and stability while stretching areas often problematic. If you have a recent groin pull or adductor injury, do not go to the full maximum of your Warrior. Pull out of the pose just enough so that the strain goes away. Hold only for 2-3 breaths straighten the front leg and try again for 2-3 more breaths. Keep up this method until you feel stronger.






5) Warrior 3

Hugely strengthening on the back muscles, Warrior III is also a challenging balance! Find a point of focus and extend your leg back with as much gusto as the reach of your arms in front of you. If you can steady yourself in this pose for a sustained period of time off the ice, it is a guarantee that once back in the rink you’ll be falling far less.




6) Dolphin or Downward Dog

Strengthening the shoulders is a great way to protect against dislocation when being checked into the boards. Practice dolphin with great care. Ensure that the elbows are parallel and directly under the shoulders. Go gingerly into this pose if you have rotator cuff injuries. If you’re in need of more of a calf and hamstring stretch, stay in downward facing dog instead.




7) Crow

Crow is a fun and all encompassing arm balance. This pose asks the body to come into a tiny ball in order to balance with the knees on the upper arms. Muscles working hard to keep you in this pose include the adductors, the groins, the upper abdominals, and the deltoids.






8) Upward Plank

Here’s a delicious stretch that is strengthening too! Actively role the shoulders away from the ears and down the back. If it feels okay for your neck, extend the head back. Spread the fingers wide and press into the knuckles to take pressure off the wrists. A modification of this pose is to practice it with the knees bent and the shins at a 90 degree angle with the thighs.




9) Supine Twist

Enjoy this twist to help release the back and shoulders. Let the hips stack on top of each other. If you feel strain in the lower back, keep both knees bent and together. Melt into the twist. Hold as long as you like.









10) Reclining Bound Angle Pose


Supta Baddha konasana is a great restorative hip opener. If this pose feels funky on your knees or if you have groin strain, make a larger diamond and prop up some blocks, pillows, blankets or even books under them. The longer you lay here, the more the body will relax into the stretch- grab the latest issue of your favorite sports magazine and have a read while on your back.