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lauren-rudick-yoga-bermudaInternational Yoga Teaching: I get emails messages and comments often about how to become an international teacher and what it takes – to start off, lots of hard work! It is so important to keep home in your heart and not be picky on eating and sleeping.

It might seem like this happened all of a sudden, but it didn’t. My path to international yoga teaching has been a long time in the making. I have been practicing yoga for 11 years, teaching for 6. Before I became a full time yoga teacher I was traveling and working abroad. I had worked on cruise ships and as an event planner, so I already had experience in the travel industry and knowledge of how to run events and trips. I lived in China for a year where I first started teaching yoga but was teaching English as my primary employment. It was there I learned how to be more adaptable, how to smile when I felt awkward or uncomfortable and also how to zone out and zone inward when I needed to feel grounded or wanted to be alone. From the moment I started teaching yoga full time I knew that traveling would have to be part of it in some way, because in my heart I am a traveler. I love new places, new faces, new foods. I am not afraid of adventure or trying to speak different languages or embarrassing myself.

Lauren Rudick Yoga retreat Vacation Yoga Morocco Marrakech Yoga retreatBeing an international yoga teacher isn’t for everyone. It looks super glamorous online but here are some of the realities- I don’t always know when or what I will eat or where I will sleep. Usually I stay in the homes of people who host me. This works for me, but some don’t feel comfortable sharing bathrooms or dinner tables with strangers. If you’re picky about sleeping and eating, teaching yoga internationally probably isn’t for you.

From the moment I arrive at a place where I’m teaching, my hosts or the studio owners dictate my schedule and activities. Usually on a weekend workshop of teaching, I give 4-5 3-hour workshops. This does not include time for chatting and extra practice. Often there are additional meetings or other rendezvous. So in one weekend I’m usually teaching 15 hours minimum. This is about as much as I teach in a week back home. Factor in time for emails, admin and yes, social media and the workload is quite tremendous. There aren’t many hours left for sleep on workshop weekends.


_MG_8852When I finish out the weekend and leave a place it is always sad and hard to say goodbye. But it is necessary because I am always exhausted afterward. Usually I don’t want to see or talk to anyone for a few days because energetically and physically I’m drained. Relationships are tough because I’m always moving. So whomever I’m with needs to be understanding that it’s going to be long distance for now, no matter what city we meet in. Also given the schedule and time changes I can’t always be super in touch while on the road.  Luckily I have friends and family who completely support and understand this. I have yet to find a partner who does.

I just wanted to put out some of the realities of my international yoga lifestyle. I LOVE it. I couldn’t imagine a better job for me. But international yoga teaching isn’t for everyone. I feel fortunate every day to meet inspiring individuals in the most unlikely of places. They put in a load of effort to bring me in! Trying new foods is one of my favorite parts! Even if sometimes they are a little scary. The excitement of the unknown is part of what drives me.

So yes it all looks like fun all the time and gorgeous and exciting on social media. But what I share are snippets of happenings. Not the whole happening. Think about what your main goals are in life. What do you really want? Then evaluate how you can get there, and decide what kind of lifestyle would best suit your passions and desires.
Love love love.

P.S. if you DO think that international yoga teaching is for you, or if you have questions or concerns about how to start doing yoga retreats, how to market yourself as a yoga instructor, successful social media practices, how to build a yoga business and all that jazz, I offer consultations on all of it. Contact me and we can set up an appointment over skype, facetime or in person. xox

yoga for snowboarders with Lauren Rudick

Back by request- another yoga sequence to prep for snowboarding!!This one is designed to help with balance, stability and front/backside grabs.Please let me know what you think :) Leave your comments below!


gandha berudasana

That’s right! Today on Facebook I received the following comment after posting a photo of myself practicing yoga in a leotard:

Dear Lauren, Firstly, I’m not in any way a ‘hater’…I’m a humble yoga practitioner, yoga teacher, rehabilitation therapist, mother, dog walker etc etc…
You have a wonderful body…but even if you live in Dubai or somewhere else really hot, please also show your ‘followers’ (who I assume are interested in yoga) that especially for a Yin practice, it’s also possible to do yoga wearing trousers?…
If you do not live in a hot climate, please turn your heating down and put on something warmer?

Why do women scrutinize women about what to wear, how to behave and how we should be? Here’s my response:

Lauren Rudick upward dogI’m not looking for a certain kind of attention. I’m not trying to attract voyeurs to my feed. I post these photos because I love my body and I am proud of my body. I post these photos because I have made a commitment to speak my truth and to live with authenticity.

This is how I practice. Usually when I do yoga at home I do it in my underwear. Also please note that these photos are not my personal yoga practice. I never film or record that. These pictures usually happen after. When I’m warmed up. I pick and choose what asana to do for the camera and what to post.

On my Facebook and Instagram feeds I share my day, my truths, my struggles, my fears, my triumphs, my yoga and my processes that I work through. This is how I feel comfortable. This is me being authentically me. If I were to edit, censor, or cover up it simply wouldn’t be the real thing. I always wear pants and shirts when I teach as it is more professional that way. But in my home and my personal practice, and in the photos I share, I get to decide.

I post these photos on these feeds because they represent me as a human being. I make mistakes. I make a ton of mistakes and each day is an opportunity to learn and grown from them.  

IMG_0615Often I feel like I am naked in the world. My photos are a representation of my feelings and my thoughts. My deepest desires, wishes, thoughts and my processes. These photos are a representation of how I feel and personal goings on each day.

This is my journey and I invite you to take part. I invite you to take a glimpse into my world and share yours with me.
Thank you for your continued support and feedback. Peace.

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