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Kids Yoga Teacher Training

June 14 – 21, 2018
Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

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Who you collaborate with is a reflection of who you are. Your standards in business and the values that you uphold in your work reflect back on you.

Be choosy about who you collaborate with. Choose brands that you believe in. Maintain mindfulness, even at work.


Achieving peace in life is a goal for so many of us. I feel that it should be the goal for all of us. The more content we can be with ourselves and our lives, the more we can help others and be kind.

It isn’t always easy but creating a more peaceful life is possible. It requires taking the highroad and acting first from kindness. The more we feel at peace, the more we will be inspired.

Living a life with peace and inspiration means living a life with purpose and passion. It’s all possible. Want to know how?  Check out the video below:

Hi love bums,

Today I want to talk about happiness. Woah. Happiness.

This is a BIG topic. We are all seekers. We are all searchers. We all want it: HAPPINESS.

After struggling for years with my own happiness, traveling around the world on my own while trying to figure out the big secrets of life I believe that I finally pin pointed why we are so desperately soul searching and HOW we can actually be happy.

Take your happiness into your own hands. Empower yourself. Become the happiest person you know. Take your life back.

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Lauren Rudick online course