7 travel tips to stay healthy anywhere in the world

Travel tips to stay healthy anywhere in the world Lauren Rudick

Staying Healthy on the road 7 tips for world travelHola de Antigua, Guatemala!

On a whim I decided on a short city break; a vacation from Jungle/Beach life in Costa Rica where I could actually brush through my hair, take a hot water shower and wear makeup without it melting off of my face. Sometimes you just need to girl out and doll up.

With the launch and (thrilling) explosion of Yoga Academy International, things have been so busy so this was a much needed leave before the next Yoga Teacher Training.

I spend about 4 months of the year on the road. So keeping healthy and making smart food choices while traveling is an important part of my lifestyle.


Here are 7 travel tips to stay healthy on the road:  

1. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!Travel tips to stay healthy anywhere in the world Lauren Rudick
You need to drink loads of water. To avoid getting sick, and to help with traveler’s tummy, hydrate! Personally, when I travel, I am majorly prone to bloating and constipation. Some of you might be on the other side of that speculum, I mean spectrum. In any case, drinking a ton of water will keep you and your belly and your bum much happier.

2. Get enough sleep
Keeping a good positive attitude as well as maintaining your wits and good instincts is such an important part of travel. Getting adequate sleep will enhance your experience. Stay disciplined about your sleeping habits even when that 4th tequila shot beckons from your hot new friend with an adorable accent. If you’re going to stay up extra late, make sure you can sleep in. If you’re getting up super early, tuck in at a decent hour. Of course sometimes we should all break the rules a little, but sleep deprivation is a serious matter and all too easy when traveling.

3. Eat where the locals eat!

Believe it or not, street food is one of your safest bets for healthy eats. Trying to eat the way you would at home will result in processed foods or chefs not knowing how to adequately prepare them. This could lead to serious travel sickness. In general, street food is healthy and delicious. The raw ingredients are usually picked or fished the same morning. The vendors will procure fixings and sell until they are out. Nothing will be wasted or sitting for days.

4. Eat on time.
It is easy to forget to eat when you’re indulging in exploration. Eating at regular intervals and at the same times that you normally do at home will not only help you maintain your energy, it will also reduce jetlag by helping your body adjust to a new time zone.

5. Fruits and Veggies in abundance!

Finding a local market and then buying region specific fresh produce is such a fun adventure and a great way to get nutrient rich foods on the road. Try out your haggling skills, hang where the locals do, listen to the buzz and chatter of life where you are. Make sure to wash everything with filtered water to remove any unnecessary microbes.

Travel tips to stay healthy anywhere in the world Lauren Rudick6. wash your hands often.

I’m not a fan of hand sanitizer because it removes all bacteria from the hands, even the good ones and can lower your immune system. Try to wash hands with soap and water as often as possible, especially before eating. I sometimes carry a small bar of soap in my bag for emergencies

7. Try to be active every day

Whether it’s going on a hike, doing a stretch before bed or strolling through a new city for a few hours, moving your body is always a good idea. Staying active will help you feel energized, and enthused.

The more you care for your body on your journey, the better your travel experiences will be. The healthier you feel, the more excitement and empowerment you will feel on your trip. Use these 7 travel tips to stay healthy anywhere in the world!

Get out there!
Go explore!

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